How to Use The FC2

The FC2 is easy to use. Follow these steps to get it right.

Easy Reminders
  • Don’t use a male condom with the FC2
  • Start over with a new FC2 if:
    • Outer ring slips inside the vagina
    • Penis goes outside of FC2
    • FC2 breaks
    • Use a new FC2 each time you have sex
    • More lubricant can give you more pleasure – lube should ONLY be put inside the FC2
Step 1: Before using the FC2, follow these simple steps.
  • Check the expiration date on the side of the fold. Throw away if expired.
  • Open the package at the purple arrow on top of the package by tearing straight down.
  • Do not open the package with a knife, scissors, or your teeth.
  • Do not use if package is damaged.
Step 2: Squeeze the sides of the small, inside the ring until the sides touch.
Step 3: Put the squeezed end of the FC2 into the vagina.
Step 4: Put your index finger into the FC2 and push it into the vagina as far as it will go.
Step 5: Keep the outer ring outside the body and use your hand to guide the penis into the FC2.
Step 6: If the penis misses the FC2 and goes into the vagina, start over with a new FC2.
Step 7: When you’re ready to take the FC2 out, twist it 3 times, pull it out of the vagina, and then throw it in trash. DO NOT flush it down the toilet.
Option A for Anal Sex: Female condom on penis. Remove inner ring. Put FC2 over the erect penis, using lubricant.
Option B for Anal Sex: Female condom in anus. Remove inner ring. Put a finger inside the FC2 to push it in, so that the outer ring is outside the body

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