DC’s Doin’ it with the New FC2
Female Condom!

Designed to please, the new FC2 gives women and men another choice for protection during sex.

When you’re practicing safe sex, you’ve got options! FC2 is the new and improved female condom. It is a thin, soft, loose-fitting sheath made from synthetic rubber (non-latex) inserted into the vagina before sex.

FC2 gives women and men the additional choice to protect themselves from HIV, STDs, and unintended pregnancies.

What’s so great about the FC2?
More choices, more benefits! These are the facts.

  1. You can put in the FC2 up to 2 hours before you have sex.
  2. The FC2 is not latex, so there’s no need to worry about allergy problems.
  3. Don’t use a male condom with the FC2. The friction from both condoms being used can cause tearing.
  4. Throw out the female condom and start over with a new one if the outer ring slips inside the vagina, if the penis goes outside of FC2, or if the FC2 breaks.
  5. Unlike the male condom, which needs to be removed immediately after sex and before the penis gets soft, there is no rush to remove the FC2. Simply remove it when you are ready.
  6. Use a new FC2 each time you have sex.
  7. More lubricant can give you more pleasure – lube should ONLY be put inside the FC2.

Never used the FC2 before? Click here for a visual guide!