Condom University

Welcome to the Rubber Revolution DC’s Condom University where you can become a sexpert in condomology.

The only class you need to pass is on how to use a condom. Below is your cheat sheet and remember practice makes for a perfect A.

Here are some additional condom facts you can “bone up on.”

Did you know there’s a town in France called Condom? English speaking tourists reportedly steal signs several times a year.


French cave paintings reportedly show people wearing condoms.


Don’t use 2 at a time because the friction will cause them to tear.


It is estimated that about 5,000,000,000 condoms are used every year worldwide.


There is now a female condom. Find out more information.


Don’t carry a condom in your wallet. The body heat and pressure on the wrapper (from sitting) will decrease the condom’s effectiveness.


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